Poor Rich | Website for the movie Poor Rich
The official website for Poor Rich, an independent anti-romantic comedy written and directed by Jon Andrews, starring Nathan Darrow and Lee Khole and featuring Kelli O'Hara.
Vermont, film, filmmaking, independent
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Poor Rich is an intimate, minor-key comedy about fear, desire and privilege.


The film tells the story of discontented white family man Rich Marshall—inattentive husband and father, under-achieving academic—struggling ineptly with mixed emotions as he scatters the ashes of his estranged, free-spirited younger brother at the rustic camp where they spent their boyhood summers, and becomes captivated by an outspoken young African American woman he finds trespassing on the property.


The models for Poor Rich are the humanist comedies of Eric Rohmer, Mike Leigh and Alexander Payne and the mystical dramas of Krzysztof Kieslowski—films that celebrate the beauty, mystery and challenge of being human, and that create a sensory, emotional and intellectual experience that is intensely cinematic and deeply satisfying.

Rich Marshall is blessed with a good job, a comfortable home, a loving wife and two precocious daughters, but he’s haunted by deep feelings of anxiety and discontent—feelings he ignores and evades as best he can.


The sudden death of his estranged younger brother is an unpleasant surprise, and his brother’s last request—to be laid to rest at the remote mountain camp built by their late father—is equally unwelcome. The camp, with its one-room cabin and lack of comforts, is a place of profound quiet, inky black nights and the sort of solitude Rich generally avoids at all costs.


Rich plans to make the best of a bad situation by using his week at the camp to refocus on his twelve-year-old unfinished novel—the completion of which may finally give meaning to his life. Shortly after he settles in, his plans are derailed when he encounters Lisa, an outdoorsy and outspoken twenty-six-year-old, trespassing in the woods.

Why this film?


Because people need it.


People need films like this—accessible, earnest, graceful films. Humble, compassionate, beautiful films. Authentic, simple, subtle films.


People need characters like Rich and Lisa—ordinary, flawed, yearning human beings in extraordinary circumstances, confronting challenges, creating community, navigating complex emotional territory.


How many of us have taken our riches for granted? How many of us have failed our loved ones, in ways mundane or catastrophic? How many of us miss the magic that happens every day right before our eyes?


Poor Rich invites us to feel, think and change in ways that will make us more attentive, more loving and more alive.

The team:


Nathan Darrow, Rich

Nathan is an actor known for his memorable performances as Agent Edward Meechum in Netflix’s House of Cards, Mick Danzig in Showtime’s Billions, and Mr. Freeze in Fox’s Gotham.


Jon Andrews, Writer/Director

Jon has been teaching film writing and directing at Yale University since 2003. Before being invited to teach at Yale, Jon wrote, directed and produced the micro-budget feature film Pursuing Happiness, and the Student Academy Award-winning short film “Short Change”.


Bill Mack, Producer

Bill is a multi-faceted producer, video artist and entrepreneur and a founding partner of Cinomadic, a New York City-based media production company.


Shane Sigler, Director of Photography

Shane is a highly regarded commercial, narrative and documentary cinematographer with a dozen features under his belt. Learn more at www.shanesigler.com.


Erica Jensen, CSA, Casting Director

Erica is an experienced casting director and a partner at Calleri Casting, which has won 12 Artios awards for Outstanding Achievement in Casting and boasts a long list of credits on Broadway, in television and in features. Learn more at www.callericasting.com.